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What is SysWOW64?

SysWOW64 and 64-bit Windows

Barring some kind of monetary or technical restriction, chances are that you are running (at least some) 64-bit machines in your environment.  And as such, you have probably encountered the SysWOW64 directory. In this post, I will attempt to succinctly explain Microsoft’s File System Redirector and how it works with SysWOW64. Continue Reading

Disable Vault Cache for Symantec EV Vault

“How to disable vault cache on a per machine basis”


When setting a machine to be used in kiosk mode, Terminal Services, or Vmware View, it is usually best practice to optimize the operating system for multiple user logins. That means disabling unnecessary features and caching to increase speed, reduce disk space and I/O. Most of you are probably aware of the big ones like Outlook Cached Exchange Mode and Offline Files, but I have found Symantec Enterprise Vault (SEV) cache to be just as resource intensive. SEV is an email archive utility which helps to keep users within their mailbox quotas for Exchange Mail Servers.


The problem I encountered is that most of the users that have SEV are laptop users who would require access to their offline vaults when they are out of the office. But when those same users log in to a multi-user computer (in this particular case, Vmware View desktops) SEV would automatically begin synchronizing their archived mail. In this situation, it would be best to somehow enable vault cache for dedicated computers like laptops and desktops, but disable it for multi-user machines Continue Reading